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Titles added or updated within the last 30 days


Peugeot V-Clic, Speedfight 3, Vivacity 3, Kisbee & Tweet 2008 - 2014 Haynes Repair Manual

M5751  - NZ$75.00

Suzuki Burgman 250 and 400 1998-2015

Updated edition replaces HA4909

M4909 (Revised)  - NZ$75.00

Ford Flathead Engines

How to rebuild and modify

SA379  - NZ$49.99

Rolls-Royce Armoured Car: Owners Workshop Manual

1915 to 1944 (all models)

H6058  - NZ$49.99

Centurion Main Battle Tank; Owners Workshop Manual

An insight into the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the British Army's most successfull post-war tank

H6057  - NZ$49.99

Suzuki GSX-R100 2009-2016 Haynes Repair Manual

M6345  - NZ$75.00

Mopar Small Block Engines

How to build miximum performance

SA377  - NZ$55.00

NASCAR's Greatest Race

The 1992 Hooters 500

CT568  - NZ$49.99

Suzuki GSX-R600/750 2006-2016 Haynes Repair Manual (new edition)

Repaces 9781785210433

M4790  - NZ$75.00

Kawasake Z1000SX/Versys 2010-2016 Haynes Repair manual

M6377  - NZ$75.00

Jaguar XJR-9 Owners' Workshop Manual

1985-1992 (XJR-5 to XJR-17)

H6113  - NZ$49.99

How to Swap Ford Modular Engines into Mustangs, Torinos and More

SA381  - NZ$49.99

Isky: Ed Iskenderian and the History of Hot Rodding

New title, stock expected to arrive Sept

CT570  - NZ$69.99

Suzuki RV125/200 VanVan 2003-2016 Haynes Repair Manual

M6355  - NZ$75.00

American Iron Magazine Presents 1001 Harley-Davidson Facts

CT575  - NZ$49.99

Yamaha MT-07, Tracer & XSR700 2014-2017 Haynes Repair Manual

M6385  - NZ$69.99

Subaru Impreza WRC Rally Car Owner's Workshop Manual

1993 to 2008 (all rally cars)

H6110  - NZ$49.99

Creative Industries of Detroit

The Untold Story of Detroit's Secret Concept Car Builder

CT544  - NZ$79.99

1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Muscle Cars in Detail No 4

CT564  - NZ$39.99

1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Muscle Cars in Detail No 5

CT580  - NZ$39.99

1973-74 Pontiac Trans Am Super Duty

Muscle Cars in Detail No 6

CT583  - NZ$39.99

Swap LS Engines into Chevelles & GM A-Bodies: 1964-1972

SA383  - NZ$49.99

BMW S1000 RR/R and XR 2010-2017 Haynes Repair Manual

M6400  - NZ$69.99

New Hemi Engines 2003 to Present

How to Build Max Performance

SA404  - NZ$49.99

Chrysler TorqueFlite A-904 & A-727 Transmissions

How to Rebuild

SA394  - NZ$69.99

Automotive Machining: A Guide to Boring, Decking, Honing & More

SA378  - NZ$59.99

Automotive Upholstery & Interior Restoration

SA393  - NZ$59.99

The Illustrated History of Triumph Sports and Racing Cars

CT596  - NZ$49.99

Yamaha YBR125 and Custom 2005-2016 XT125R/X 2005-2009 Haynes Repair Manual

M4797  - NZ$75.00

Ford Big-Block Parts Interchange

New Manual, stock expected Sept

SA397  - NZ$49.99

Jeep CJ 1972-1986: How to Build & Modify

SA396  - NZ$49.99

1964 Pontiac GTO

Muscle Cars In Detail No. 8

CT590  - NZ$39.99

Dodge Scat Pack and Plymouth Rapid Transit System

Chrysler's Muscle Car Marketing Programs 1968-1972

CT597  - NZ$69.99

GTO Data and ID Guide: 1964-1974

Facts, Production Numbers, Option Codes, Data Plate Information and More

CT603  - NZ$49.99

1970 Plymouth Superbird: Muscle Cars In Detail No. 11

CT578  - NZ$39.99

How to Restore Your Chevy Truck: 1973-1987

Step by Step Restoration Procedures

SA331  - NZ$59.99

How to Restore Your C3 Corvette: 1968-1982

Restoration How-to series

SA248  - NZ$49.99

GM LS Engines - How to Swap GM LS Engines into Almost Anything

Updated edition (Supercedes 9781932494815)

SA156 (Rev)  - NZ$49.99

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